Wednesday 31 October 2012


Rise, the new album from Annabelle Chvostek is now available for you to download or buy. She has produced it by subscription, a triumph in itself, and it is worth taking the time to listen to. As Annabelle makes it clear in the first track that this is The End of Road, it is time for people to come together and to  stop buying into the idea that infinite growth is sustainable or even desirable.

So what's it like then? Well musically she has gathered a group of like-minded musicians around her and I have to say her playing shines through with verve and energy. There is passion here and her singing draws you into her world view.

One of the things I have always liked about Annabelle's skill as a lyricist is her ability to move between the personal and the universal within a single verse. OK, I agree with her political perspective and that makes it easier for me applaud what she is talking- the perfidious press misrepresentation of the demonstrators at last years G20, her championing of first people's rights and their land claims. There are also songs inspired by the landscape-Heartland Quay has been a live favorite for some time now.

She covers Equal Rights written by Peter Tosh, it is a great version, my only criticism is that she performed this song on her last album, a live recording from Folk Alley- but hey, jazz musicians do it all the time.

You will notice I have not offered an in depth lyrical assessment of Rise. The reason for this is that I think you should listen to it yourself and make up your own mind. You can stream it here: . I think it's an excellent album and like Lizzie Nunnery's Black Hound Howling critiques the contemporary situation and offers us a way forward.

Annabelle is touring next March, I'm off to book my ticket for her gig at The Studio in Totnes on the 16th. Do yourself a favour, listen to this album and catch Annabelle live.


  1. Interesting! I'll have to check out her site.

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    1. You may be able to see her live next year when she tours.