Sunday 30 March 2014


A poem I have been working on for some time this post. It was prompted by the allotment flooding again. I struggled with the second half. I knew what I wanted to say but could not find the words to say it.

The water is rising
but the river is full.
Now it crosses the allotment,
causes a uniform flatness
that ripples under the wind.
Put your ear into the flood,
there is excitement here – change comes.
The enforced idleness of
the imprisoning ice is ending.
The rising sea will recover lost land.

This is definitely a work in progress. I am not sure about the last line- can the ocean recover lost land? The ocean is the water rather than the ground and I am not at all convinced the last line works. 

This week at the Juncture 25 workshop the task was to write a self-portrait as a sonnet.  I did not like my attempt and have ripped up the form.

Selfie in Light and Darkness

The magpie told me,  
the purpose of this life was to choose,
but when I look in the mirror I see my father,
maybe more hair, less lines, but him.
I want to say to the magpie
I’m in it for the poems,
but he knows that already,
and I have to describe the creature I see.
Part light, the rest darkness,
it’s the percentages that count.
I’m not saying.

That’s it for this post. I’d like to hear your opinions about the work in progress. I shall post an interview with the amazingly talented Emily Faye McCoy. Not only is she a fantastically talented poet but she has a book of her travels out. I shall leave you with Serafina Steer.

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