Tuesday 10 June 2014


Brooke Sharkey's new ep is out. You can buy it here

I am constantly impressed by her development, as a singer and a writer. She goes from strength to strength. This new ep is a mature work by an artist who is confident in her own skills [and those of her excellent band] as a writer, musician and singer. 

This is a tour de force. Brooke keeps getting better with each release. This five song ep is over too quickly. My initial impression was a singer and a band at the height of their abilities. They are tight, melodic and dynamic. This is the best thing I've heard all year.

I would draw your attention to the ace guitar playing of Mr. Leander Lyons who has chops to spare. When I first saw Brooke live I was impressed with how supportive and expressive the guitar was and talking to Mr. Lyons afterwards, was surprised to learn that this was his second gig with the band. Well he has blossomed on this new release. Every note is impeccable, nothing is wasted or unnecessary.

Lyrically this is rich fare. Brooke switches from English to French with ease. This does not make for confusion but adds to the beauty of the whole. I can't stop playing this. It is a jewel,  overlook this at your peril.

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