Tuesday 1 July 2014


Readers of this blog will know of my championing of the comic genius that is Jaff Japers and his amazing band Gaudy Orde. Well, they have just released an ep of midly offensive songs- you can buy it here.

This time out we get five songs that range from the sublime Smokers are Idiots and Kill All the Violent Dogs to the autobiographical Bottoms Reservoir, a cautionary tale about the consequences of not going to the toilet before sailing. 

It is a mixed bag if I am honest. Song for the Bereaved just doesn't work for me. It is the weakest song in Mr. Japers' cannon. I can see what he is getting at but the song just fails to take off.
Rhodri Wees on the other hand links a killer tune to a lyric about a dog with continence issues, and a wonderful singalong chorus.

Bottoms Reservoir is a departure for the band as it is more autobiographical than usual. The Laurel and Hardy riff sets the scene well. 
Smokers are Idiots is a perfect example of Japers craft. It has a well constructed lyric, a hummable tune and conveys his perspective of world effectively. Likewise Kill All The Violent Dogs. These two songs highlight Japers' comic genius. The man is a one off and a national treasure. 

You can buy both the new ep and the album here. The album is excellent. Give yourself a treat buy both of them and to really make your day, go see them live, you won't regret it.

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