Sunday, 5 March 2017


Today's post came about from the idea of someone needing assistance to end a relationship. The idea that they could not deal with the guilt of ending it. A play on words of decompression chamber: a decompassion chamber.
The poem was not straight forward. I had to remove a stanza [that I liked but] which confused the narrative.

I need a de-compassion chamber.
Want this guilt excised
before it can bubble up inside my brain
and bend my body back towards herself
who is crying at the end of this telephone line.

On/off – off/on
the light switch of my indecision
makes for a familiar circuit.
We settle for possible second best.
I may leave her yet.
I admire people who can sustain their poetic vision for more than twenty lines as I rarely can. That said any poem is only as long as the kernel of the idea will sustain.
Maggie Roche died recently. I was always a fan of The Roches. Especially the first and third albums. Here they are from 1983 singing Hammond Song.
And here they sing Mr. Sellack.
Until next time.

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