Friday, 28 February 2020


I  was talking with a poet this week who was telling me that he keeps his poems in the drawer for years once he's written them, that way he know they are good or not when he finally takes them out to reread. I take my hat off to him. I usually allow a couple of months for that.
This post's poem sequence was written in December.

a convenient
[translate that as cheap]
weekend rental flat
step over the threshold
it is not the wealth generator
anonymous ikea space
you had imagined

it is not that simple
you are in a vacated home
with too many personal touches to register
and where are the occupants
while you sleep in their bed
and use their cups to brew your tea?

on the second day curiosity to the fore
I look at the photographs that claim the walls
most are of their marriage
a grand affair in some wiltshire country house
and a jolly admiral with his mrs
this is another slice of the cake
loaded perhaps with more than most

It is basically a slice of life. As I have said on my occasions, it is good to put yourself in a different environment and write what you see.
Not sure this one is finished. I think I need the Secret Poets input.

Here's Ketama.
Until next time.

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