Friday, 20 March 2020


Two poems about our present predicament. The first concerns the Babacombe Cliff Railway, which is now closed for the duration. 

The last ride on the Cliff Railway for the foreseeable future

we remain the safe social distance apart
smile but do not speak
for what is there to say
at least the spring has been closed
each person’s isolation beckons

This second poem was written in response to a prompt from Secret Poet Liz. The prompt concerned two people and a discarded Corona beer bottle.

once she would have picked up that corona bottle
the morning after the merry makers had left it there
along with any other litter
thoughtlessly scattered by the through traffic

wary of infection
she leaves it be
notes its seeming permanence
every morning now she keeps herself to herself

he concentrates on keeping his distance
no jane austin character was ever more precise
they pause they do not speak
he double checks the space between

Liz suggested scrapping the first two stanzas and on reflection I think she is correct. 
I'll let you edit it for yourself.
Here's Sean Taylor. Like all musicians he makes his living from playing live, which in the present circumstances is impossible. Please do what you can to help Sean and other creative people like him survive this crisis.

Until next time.

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