Friday, 19 August 2011


I’ll fess up at the start; this is not my strong suit, but the bottom line is how will anyone ever know about your writing let alone read it unless you tell them and get your work out there? It is an essential part of the writing process. At the moment I am being asked for descriptions of my work.

This is what I came up with for my first poetry book:

Paul Tobin was born on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in Runcorn, but after being pushed across the Old Bridge in his tripper, grew up in Widnes......he has been writing poetry since he was 12, he now thinks he is getting the hang of it.

For the new book which is being processed by the publishers as I write I thought of this:

Paul Tobin used to work for Social Services, now he writes. To be honest he always wrote poetry, but now he writes full time. He can be found reading where ever anyone will listen to him.

I also have to come up with 50 words describing my graphic novel series.

CO2: imagine being bent out of shape then when are twisted beyond belief, you might just fit into the world of The Church of The Holy Footprint, join the rest of the heretics, the wretched of the earth, the people just like you in CO2.

Ok it says nothing about the series, but you might deduce from those 47 words that you would be amongst the marginal people and you would be right. CO2 is set in a world controlled by a religion obsessed with remaking the world in its image. The graphic novel series is concerned with telling the stories of some of the dispossessed and is the tale of a man who thinks he can make it all better...

More to follow on CO2, though don’t hold your breath, it is still in the drawing stage and is scheduled for release in February 2012. Before this is the Purbeck Folk Festival-next weekend, 26-28 August. I am told there are only 200 tickets left, so get yours quick, if you haven't already.

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  1. CO2 sounds like an interesting story--the main character must be determined to change things!