Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Just photographs today, no poems. This is the London Eye on a cold November day in 2005. Below is a reflection of the Eye in a puddle. I have have always been amazed by the reflective properties of water.

The next few are of Kilve Beach in Somerset. An amazing place for fossils. It's somewhere I've been going for years. These photographs are from the longest day in 2005-yes it was freezing.

Now more images of Widnes Bridge. These were taken crossing from the Widnes to the Runcorn side.

Mick Jones playing in Bridgwater

Billy Bragg in Bridgwater

Billy Bragg singing while Keith Allen holds up the microphone stand

Busker in Barcelona

And now the embarrassing fan photo. Me with Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis on the Decemberists first UK tour. I have been a big fan of the band since the first album came out in 2002. One of the things I love about the cds is Carson Ellis' images.

See you on Friday.


  1. Those are beautiful photos! I love the sunset ones in particular, as well as the first black and white image.

    1. Thanks Golden Eagle, the sunset ones are lovely-you should have seen it

  2. Hi Paul, what lovely photos. I really like the ferris wheel photo. Whenever I see that ferris wheel in central London, it looks so gaudy, gut your pic looks serene. J'adore black and white photos.

    1. It does look rather strange in that setting doesn't it MsMariah. I like black & white photos too.