Friday, 7 June 2013


A number of poems this week, in various stages of repair and revision.

This first was sparked by a memory of the transistor radio I had when a boy. The reception was never that good, the station would drift and require unending adjustment.

the metaphor for our relationship would have to be a cheap transistor radio all brittle plastic bad wiring and an inability to stay on station. you could hear the encroaching static crackle robbing either of us of any real rest. in the end I got earache and switched the damn thing off only to discover that with the right poisoned atmospheric conditions I can still pick up your contempt like tinnitus or a bad toothache

Possibly the trouble with the relationship described was that the players stopped wanting to adjust?

This next one was inspired by seeing some magpies gleaning the verge of a dual carriageway on a cold February day. The cars, myself included, were speeding towards their destinations and as I drove past I thought of how miserable it must be to be out on such a day.

scrunting starvelings
side verge haunting
iced grass and frozen ground
cold wind prompts bitter tears
once they were the masters
claws ripped teeth tore
they took what they wanted
times change they live in the margin of the speeding road
unnoticed in our petrol fueled haste
jostling seagulls for street light perches

Again I am not sure if this poem is finished. Scrunting is a Trinidadian word for and I quote: Seeing hard times. I thought that as birds are descended from dinosaurs who once ruled the world then that February day was hard times indeed. 

This last poem came about as I emptied for the last time our old car before it went off to the scrapyard.

I empty the car of meaning
of all I can use again
load memories into a shopping bag.
Inert beyond repair,
the metal husk awaits
professional gleaning
this will be all of ours future

Again I am not sure if it is complete. Your views would be appreciated.

The poetry group I am part of, Juncture 25, is doing a reading tonight and I must go and sort myself out. Actually I need to decide exactly what I am reading.

None of the photos I am posting this week bear any relation to the content either...Have a good week.

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