Friday, 27 June 2014


Eadweard Muybridge was the man who took those early photographic sequences of people walking, horses galloping that enabled us to accurately see how living things move. I was talking recently about something totally related and the idea of writing something that connects the present day surveillance camera to Muybridge's photographs seemed like a good idea. This is what I have so far.


This is no place for a human,
secrets are revealed.
Muybridge cameras catch you,
in consecutive grainy images.
You were told not to look at the lens,
those twenty steps have fixed you in history.
If you are lucky some may even remember your name.

I then thought about the photographs that the Victorians took of criminals to illustrate their belief in phrenology and the misguided idea that criminals are born rather than socially constructed.  
The Faces of Felons

Conditioned to respond to the truncheon.
Each portrait proof that some are born criminals;
take in the thickness of the brow,
the shape of the skull,
then measure the distance between the eyes.
Such physiology condemns them - after the fact.

Here's  a poem I've been playing with for sometime. 

for easy access and reference write your truths on your fingers expect them to change as you age a job for life constantly recording changing reality this map will guide you through the time stream you wade in these are your truths and not universal they are only guaranteed for the time it takes to read them nothing is real let alone permanent don't let this stop you from rejoicing in the bliss of being alive within the beauty that surrounds us all should you care to look up from your palm and take in the wonder of creation

Again it was one of those stream of consciousness ideas that did not look right when spaced differently. It may be a little wordy, watch this space.

Here's Alela Diane live, it's a wonderful concert.

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