Friday, 17 March 2017


I recently spent a very enjoyable weekend on a poetry retreat with The Secret Poets. We each led a workshop and out of one came this post's poems.
During said workshop we were asked to go out into the garden and write about what we found. These are my observations.

The Rosemary

Bought and brought over here
to enrich our palette,
this epicurean migrant may have taken root,
but is still so out of step with the seasons
that these delicate blue flowers
colour this January day.
The Romans brought thyme to the British Isles, I had to check that on line.
Here is a second observation.

Every tree in this orchard plays statues
winter cannot entice a single leaf to show
this is not their time, so they wait
stand stock still until the first notes of spring.
This third brief note is perhaps the one most in need of work.

Guinea fowl in sudden motion

lickterty – split freedom

leaves the hen coop behind

such action carries a cost

the cold fox's hungry eye
I was attempting to capture the dangers inherent in freedom. Not sure it does it. 
However the idea of simply putting yourself in a different place and just looking is excellent practice. Sometimes we need to the stimulus of new surroundings.
Here is Melissa Laveaux. Enjoy
Until next time.

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