Friday, 23 February 2018


This post's poem came from the phrase a car with one headlight. Which in its turn came from discovering that my car had only one working headlight and it occurred to me that it was a wonderful way of negatively describing someone. The poem wrote itself and had to be about a politician.

A car with one headlight,
the near side,
fitful, flickering at best.
Unexpectedly butterfingered when it came to love,
dyspraxic even,
he dropped hearts.
Women remained an irrelevance to him,
men fared no better,
a human solvent
he sundered ties expediently,
so the path of his life was strewn with debris,
disgruntled ex-lovers,
metaphorical corpses with too real knives in their backs.
But how he can talk,
silver haired, silver tongued
An iguana basking in the flash light glare.
I leave you to draw your own conclusions. Let's face it there are many of them out there who could fit the description.
Brooke Sharkey is touring soon, here are the dates. Brooke is a captivating performer and a wondrous songwriter. If you can go and see her.
I saw an interesting band last night Bahla, they combine jazz and Jewish folklore traditions. The music is amazing, they are on tour too.
Here is Brooke:
And here are Bahla:
Until next time.

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