Friday, 26 June 2020


Here's a revised poem with thanks to the Secret Poets for their invaluable input. Discussing your poems with others is always illuminating. You can read the last version here.

My meeting with the Stasi

After they left

he had the time,

as the coffee grew cold,

to reimagine the interaction,

discount his treachery.

He would never talk of it,

or let himself dwell on his actions.

Until the next time they came calling.

I think the poem is now even more concise and effective.
The use of the line break also adds something.

I have been writing a series of poems based on a friends memories of water. She wants to undertake a series of illustrations and asked me to contribute words. This is about her learning to swim in the 1960s on a military base.

Aldershot Command Pool



one size fits all

it is you who must make adjustments

walk into its muggy heat mid winter

remove gloves woollen coat

as eyes smart from that smell

then the obligatory baptismal foot bath

water so cold it shocks your soles

and almost as an after thought

gifts you verrucas


a rectangle of water

the pool could be a jelly mould

contents cooling

not yet set

you climb the metal ladder

and bob your head under

water in your ears and nose

and out

and under

distorted sound

and out

and under

one fifth your weight

and out

with eyes that stream

the smell has colonised your skin

and accompanies you the rest of the day

It is a work in progress.
Here is Liz Lawrence. She has a new album out.
Until next time.

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