Friday, 24 December 2021



Here's a surreal little poem that presented itself as an idea but had to be coaxed into becoming a poem. Many thanks to the Secrets for their perceptive comments and assistance. 

Running on Empty



the page

his words

ran out

and the poem

not even captured

just sentences

in need of scaffolding

he checked his dictionary


blank pages

awaiting a refill

he did not bother the thesaurus

it tutted at him

in that annoying didactic way

he could call out the page side recovery service

but the wait would be an hour or more

besides last time they told him

you need a whole new vocabulary mate

and look at them metaphors

worn away to thin things they are!

perhaps if he made a cup of tea

it might rally the other letters

I liked the idea of words running out like a car runs out of petrol. The idea of a page side recovery service followed on from the breakdown idea. I had difficulty finding an ending. I also liked the idea of the thesaurus being too proud to help. In reality the thesaurus was my life saver.

I think the poem is complete. It shall be put to one side for a while as usual.

Here are The Mountain Goats. Their new live recordings are amazing, you can listen to them here.

Until next time.

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