Friday 15 September 2023


I had a sudden recollection the other day of a reading given by Brian Patten. It could have arisen because my interview with Brian is on the popular posts list. 


its a Friday evening

West Somerset

Brian is saying:

fuck you Stephen Spender

fuck you for what you visited on Stevie Smith

fuck you who remembers you now

that was years ago

and Stephen Spender

is not even a reflection

in our collective rear view mirror

A word about the people mentioned. Stevie Smith is a perennially popular poet who gave the language the phrase not waving but drowning. Stephen Spender was from a privileged background and became  communist before being knighted. If I have to choose a side then I'm with Brian. 

Here's another memory. This one is about those moments of satori when you feel at one with the whole world.

the windows looked like painted flats

so I walked outside to see what was behind them

and fleetingly I was at one with everything

I've not been writing much this past couple of weeks. I go through these periods once in a while and always tell myself you have to take in to give out. I am sure I shall be writing more soon.

Tim Smith has completed his Harp album and it is being released on 1.12.23! I can't wait, those of us who were fans of Midlake had almost given up home that he would make another album. Here's the first single.

Until next time.

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