Friday 17 November 2023


A poem that came to me in a dream this post. It was the kind of avalanche of words that makes you get out of bed and write them all down. It doesn't happen that often but when it does I obey. 


false flagged

the car moved through the ranks of the oppressors

and not one of them thought to check the identities

of the smiling people who waved at their enemies

and so did not discover the wounded man in the back

night would fall in an hour

sanctuary lay in the hills

the demonstration had failed this time

but nothing lasts forever

some day one day they would win 

So what's it all about? I'm not sure. The term false flag I suspect comes from Patrick O'Brien's series of novels. The poem seems to be about hiding in plain sight as the title states  and escaping to fight again. Seems a positive poem. Your thoughts on this one are more than welcomed. 

I always feel blessed when a poem arrives as I sleep, though I have no idea why one should turn up this night and not another. The muse must be acknowledged. Thinking back to that specific night I cannot remember anything but holding the words in my head while I searched for pen and paper. 

Hurray For The Riff Raff has a new album out soon. Here's the first track, apparently it's about her father. You can order the new LP here.   

Until next time. 

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