Friday 19 April 2024


 The other week I spent so time in Wales, near Swansea. On the Saturday morning I went for a stroll around the town, where the events in this poem happened, just as it says.


the sun is in my eyes

but the rain falls

it’s one of those days

a winter angled sun that blinds

so the wedding party

appear to materialise

out of the glare

in small groups

dressed to the nines

coats held over hairdos

impossible heels that

click click click towards you

I should not be surprised

the bells have made announcements

since I arrived

and here

on the cracked pavement

our lives intersect

and just like that

diverge again

Yes, it was raining when the sun was shining, it's been a rather wet winter. It was not long after the winter solstice and the sun was as low as it ever gets. Four or five groups of smartly dressed people did appear in front of me as I walked down a main street. 

As to the poem. I think it works. This one has been in the drawer for a while and so I think I have managed to fix the flaws. The layout may need revising. Not sure about that yet.

There's an old album by Bronco called Ace of Sunlight. I think it's worth playing a few tunes off that.

Until next time.

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