Tuesday 7 June 2011


Bridgwater Arts Centre writer-in-residence, the talented Sinead Gillespie, has added an extra session to her series of script writing classes. The dates are the 18th June and the 9th July and they will be held at Bridgwater Arts Centre. The cost is £7 per session or both for £12. I would urge you to attend I thoroughly enjoyed the first class on the May, it was challenging and very enjoyable, the time flew by too quickly.

The first exercise was to write about the phrase “ice scribble”. I wrote the following, though it needed to be tidied up at home:

Ice Scribble

There will be no finger prints,

No traces to categorise,

Not even a watermark on the glass,

All is temporary.

But tonight another fractal star will accrue,

Ice scribbled on the inside of your window.

You do not need to have attended the first; each session can work as a standalone. If you are interested bring a pair of scissors and some magazines with you on 18th, the session starts at 10.30.

This Autumn Bridgwater Arts Centre and Tacchi Morris in Taunton will be running a series of Scratch Nights-this will be the opportunity to see your work performed. So whether you attend or not, get writing!

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