Saturday 25 June 2011


Well, I got my wish on Thursday after writing that I wanted instant feedback. The editor likes the book and we are going ahead with a series of four that will be collected in a single graphic novel. I can’t say much about them as the story is still forming in my head. I am so pleased that it is finally coming together and if I am honest it still seems a little unreal. I will keep you informed.
On a more homely note I was cooking last night and as I wilted some cabbage, I remembered my mother saving the cabbage water for my brother and I to drink. It was one of those moments when you are telescoped by to an event in the past that you haven’t thought of for many years-I’m sure Proust describes it far more eloquently. But here is a poem about it.
In those days vitamins were indestructible.
Boil the cabbage and they simply migrated.

I can still see that steaming water,
Murky with suspended goodness,
As my mother carefully divided it
Between my brother and me.
The long finish.

“Drink it all up.
It will keep you well.

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