Wednesday, 23 January 2013

LIZ LAWRENCE: the Sofa Tour

The charming and talented singer/songwriter Liz Lawrence played a barnstorming gig at my house last night. She came in from the snow and played a wonderful set of original tunes.

I first heard Liz on youtube and was impressed with the OoSong, the catchy tune, her amazing voice and the clever video. I liked the video because, although it was obviously shot on a tight budget, there was a good correlation between image and lyric. The use of the paper boat as a symbol for our hopes and dreams I thought worked well and the shot of the little boat in her coffee cup was an image that stayed with me.

Anyway to cut a long story short Liz agreed to play a gig at my house as part of her Sofa Tour to promote her new album. The set was bookended by songs from Bed Room Hero as well a sprinkling of new work. Of the newer songs Rooftops stood out for me, as lyrically it seemed different, more poetic, with arresting images. Liz told me that Rooftops was an indication of the direction her writing was moving towards. 

She started the set with the Oo Song and I was impressed with the way the song worked equally well in an intimate setting as on the video with a full band backing. She played for about an hour and captivated the audience. Liz has an relaxed manner and delivered her set with passion.

You may be lucky enough to catch Liz as she travels the country this month on the Sofa Tour. If you get the opportunity take it. She will be back in the west country in Apriland judging from the reaction of the audience last night, we will all be going to see her.

At the moment you can not only hear her new album at Bandcamp but you can also download it and until the end of this month and decide what you want to pay for it. This is a great deal and will finish at the end of the month. After that you’ll have to download it from itunes or buy the tactile cd version. When this is out I’ll be reviewing it and telling you where you can get it. 


  1. She's good. Just 'commercial' enough for my tastes. Snow all gone here. Now waiting for floods and gales over the week end.

    1. Live Liz was very good, unplugged and what a voice!
      We have rain all Sunday - watch this space!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you liked it Emma, I am enjoying the album too.

  3. She played at my house and blew everyone away! We're going to see her again next month at the yard bird in Birmingham, anyone who hasn't seen her is missing out. The album is wonderful!