Friday, 18 September 2015


OK, I seem unable to match the title and the photographs.
Here is a recent poem I wrote quite quickly. I spent time on trying to even up the stanzas and to balance the whole piece.

Celebrate the majestic moon, how it hangs over us,
forever the oceans will move under its gaze.

Celebrate the moon seen through the trees,
now the whole world is silver familiar.

Celebrate the moon as geese fly across its face,
and we fall towards winter once again.

Celebrate the moon, as cold as the fluorescent snow
under which the living land slumbers.

Celebrate the moon each time you glimpse it,
for without the moon you would not be here. 
It's another praise poem. I wanted the poem to celebrate the beauty of nature and felt it needed to be brief to keep the attention of the reader. I read, somewhere, that the tidal pull of the moon encouraged life to evolve on the earth. 
The next poem again is a short impressionistic piece. To be honest i have no idea where it came from. I must have been influenced by the amount of apocalyptic reggae I listen to.

the house is on fire
what will you save?

this is not a drill
you must leave most of what you own
can only take what you can carry

there will be times to come
under a superheated sun on an uncertain path
when you will curse your selection

listen to the flames
how they crackle and laugh
what will you save?
I am going to leave you with Gibraltar from the new Beirut lp.

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