Friday, 20 April 2018


A couple of poems I wrote in Australia while sitting on trams. 
I am an habitual people watcher and the discipline of writing what you see can lead to some interesting results. I tend to use reality as a starting point and let the words take me where they will.

Two Tram Poems

Surrounded by the familiar,
dashboard, rear view mirror,
a steering wheel to add percussion,
she waits to turn left in her little silver car.

She sings along to the sound system,
full volume,
full expression,
and with hand movements.

I’m on the tram, watching,
sat next to a man with a beard.
We are as far apart
as the limited space permits.

There is little chance we shall follow her example
and burst forth in two part harmony.

In a grip like a hydraulic car crusher
she breaks the book’s spine.
I can almost hear the words plead for mercy,
then count the seconds between
her hand slapping the pages over,
each devoured in seconds.
Does she speed read?
Is this how she approaches life
as a thing to be subdued?
She dog ears the page,
exits the tram,
to take her place in the arena.
I don't have much to say about either poem. They are flights of fancy whilst sitting on the tram. 
Since my return I have been working on a number of ideas that I jotted down when away. Watch this space.
Here's some more Anna Ternheim.
And here's Holding On. The video is notable for the gawking, laughing people in the background.
Until next time.

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