Friday, 13 April 2018


I  have been travelling for the past month in Australia. More on that in later posts. Here is a poem about cosmology and dysfunctional people. 

Split seconds after that Big Bang,
it all flew apart,
glad to be free from the nose to toe compression,
in that constricting cosmic egg of everything,
pushing the envelope ever outwards,
Red Shift in its wake.

This my radio tells me, explaining the science of creation
so that even the likes of me can grasp the magnitude of the event.

Then we are on to possible parallel universes.
Either the infinite yo-yoing of matter,
that creates one universe after another,
or fast/slow bubbles,
each a meta-galaxy replete with its own physical laws.

Some people live their whole lives in such places.
I know this for a fact as I was once a tourist,
spent four years in such a reality.
It was easy enough to cross over,
even though there were no guide books.
I had more difficulty getting back
but managed it in the end.

In my ear the cosmologists
continue to debate,
who’s right and why,
it doesn’t matter to you,
burdened, as you are,
by things you can never let go of.
I only discovered on my return that Tom Rapp had died. Tom who? You might not know the name but for me in the middle to late 70's he was a life saver. 
I have talked before about Pearls Before Swine and their 60's masterpiece Balaclava, but there was more to Tom Rapp than this lp. 
Tom had founded PBS back in 1966 and made 2 lps for the ESP label. He received no financial remuneration for either record. He went on to produce a further 4 for Reprise. Among these gems was The Use of Ashes, one of the most beautiful songs you will ever hear. The City of Gold lp was a revelation to me, so beautiful, fragile and offering another worldly view of life. Needless to say I acquired my copies of these lps from bargain bins in the mid 70's. 
The first music I heard by Tom was from his first solo album Stardancer, I think it is still one of my favourite lps. 
I do not want to recite the facts of his life, you can read those anywhere, all of the links in this blog will take you to better written articles than this.
I however want to thank Tom Rapp for his songs and recordings. He brought illumination into my life and I give thanks for that.
This is Another Time, a song about reincarnation.
This is The Jeweller.
For The Dead In Space.
Prayers of Action. OK, this might be a tad over produced but it's still an amazing song.
Oh children don't you weep if the road is long, all of us are prayers of action, on our way to God...

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