Friday, 4 January 2019


A poem about tea to begin with, actually it's a poem of thanks.

the first sip of tea this day
I give thanks
for the time I have to savour
green liquor in a white bowl

no haste

well rested

thank you Lord

This poem began with the line:

classify the day
by the taste of the morning tea

but I realised that if I had the time to ruminate in this way I should simply give thanks.
Next a love poem.

another love poem

that hotel you booked for me
was on a loser from the start
the reception cluttered as it was
by grown men in black and white football strip
who should have known better
who should have out grown that sort of thing by their age
but then look at me
pulled by my heart across europe towards you

I haven't really got anything to say about this poem. It is what it is.
I leave you with a poor quality video of an amazing singer/songwriter. Here is Laura Nyro.
Until next time.

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