Friday 26 July 2019



A couple of little poems about Torquay, the place I live. Well, they are more specific than that, they are about the road I live on.

though I live by the crossroads
I can walk home at midnight
and not meet the devil
or have to hear false promises
whispered in my ear

I was thinking of the old Blues tale about Robert Johnson going to the crossroads at midnight to trade his soul for guitar virtuosity. 
The second poem came to me as I was doing Tai Chi one morning.

once in a while in a morning
sat at the breakfast table
watching the cars drive this way and that
I believe this house
is the calm centre of the storm
and I give thanks

The images are taken from an installation: The Cave Hunters and the Truth Machine by Sean Harris. It was part of a series of events organised in June in Torbay.
Anna Ternheim has a new song out and the new LP is released in September. She's playing London on 20 November.

Until next time.

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