Friday, 5 July 2019


 Back in 2012 I wrote a poem about a friend of mine daydreaming on a bus, you can read the poem here. The bus route in question was the 256 in Wolverhampton. I recently had lunch with my friend and she told that the 256 had been discontinued, that she now travels to work on the number 16, adding that I should write a poem about that.
Here it is.

on first hearing that the 256 bus route has been discontinued

planned changes
trumpeted efficiencies
lead you to count progress in losses
means more people less buses

the 256 has run its course
so joins the other phantom routes
those ghost transport numbers
that fade when the last driver dies
and the final passenger forgets

the chill of looming winter
autumn comes to Wolverhampton

a concrete finger bus stop
Rachel has been here before

most week days
for thirty years or more

a stoic wait

buses are as regular
as politicians promises
of the harvests to come

but there is no poetry on the number sixteen
just smudged windows
through which to watch
the town contract
The sharp eyed and well travelled amongst you may realise that the photographs are of Manchester. They were taken back in November 2015 and I have been waiting for just the right post...
I think [hope] the poem speaks for itself. The previous poem was rather playful and light hearted but I think the times have got more serious. There is less to laugh at. 
Here are a couple of videos of Everything But The Girl. I was listening to some of their cds this week which prompted me to search out their videos.
I love this one because it must have cost about £2 to make.

Whereas this one, a couple of years later, would have cost a lot more...

Until next time-buses permitting.

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