Friday, 6 December 2019


Last weekend I was in France for a brief weekend away. There is something about being in a new place that makes you open to ideas, I kept scribbling notes down the whole time.
This is a reasonable draft but not the finished article.

He sat down at the next table,
began editing papers
written in neat long hand.

We were holiday lax, loquacious,
lippy with the wine.
The freedom of being in another country
had set us talking ten to the dozen.

Suddenly it occurs to me
he could be writing down our every word,
for he’s turned the paper over
and is scribbling hell for leather.
Then I wonder if we’re worth such an effort.

As we stand to go for the bus,
he packs up and shoulders past,
into the rain and the twilight.

As I have said before, it is good practice to write what you see around you. 
It is easier in new surroundings.
Here's Bill Withers, a man who makes it all look so easy.

Until next time.

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