Friday 31 January 2020


Today is the day we seal our fate, celebrate our new insular island mentality, and revel in our own mean spirited selfishness. 
It follows on exactly seven days since the Halton Bus Company collapsed. The Halton Bus Company could trace it's history back to 1909, and now it has closed. No more buses for a town of over 61,000 people. This is to be all our futures. Truly the neo-liberal destruction of our quality of life continues apace as our world heats up around us and we need public transport more than ever.
To add insult to injury the crime minister and his elitist chums are favouring the south east over the north of England when it comes to access to extra funds for local government. 
It seems we are going back to the past, two hundred years to the oppression of the 1820s.

now that widnes buses have gone bankrupt...

cars be dammed
he walks the centre of the road
past long closed shops
past their blank windows

he does not engage – ever
know this
if you cannot refuse The Weekly News
then look no further than page four
avoid the copyright free filler

Old Widnes, Memory Corner
whatever loser name they choose
just highlights the distance
the town has fallen
and by default its citizens
abandoned as they were on the starting blocks
of this new brave future

when he was a child
the main street ran from Peelhouse Lane
all the way to the river

he walks not fast not slow
just the perfect speed
for a forgotten post industrial town
that is marooned amid technology
that was old last century

On a lighter note, I shall be reading at 2000 Trees Festival this summer. I am putting together the poetry for this splendid festival and am already looking forward to it.
Here's Deaf Havanna, a band I have seen many times at Trees.

Until next time.

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