Friday, 27 March 2020


I  have been long distance writing with the Secret Poets. Annie supplied a photograph of a museum diorama of a Diictodon. It was a proto-mammal that lived millions of years ago. 
It promoted me to write this:

Diictodon’s Dilemma

they ate
and they fought
and they fucked on
tumbling into to an ecological niche
they could exploit until over population

we have even found their burrows
the now fossilised spaces they crawled through

as the hazards of flood plain living
became too apparent 

This set me thinking about mass extinctions.
I wrote this about brewing beer.

I think of the Paleoprotozoic extinction
every time I make beer
cheering on that powered yeast
to drown in its own waste product

excreting alcohol
itself a poison
I welcome

photosynthesis began like that
food for free
all those cells amazed at how easy it was
until the oxygen bi-product did them in

Essentially that's what happened. 
Here's the Larkin Poe.

Until next time.

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