Friday, 3 April 2020


I  wrote this post's poem in response to a prompt from #iamallstories, a creative project that offered people 31 envelopes, each with a different prompt. I have to say I am enjoying the challenges of the envelopes. 

This particular prompt was:

What were we thinking when we wrote this prompt?

he holds up a mirror
tells me to look in the glass
left is right and I’m left handed
secure in my penmanship
even if I cannot read half of what I write

this could be the counter earth
always half a hidden orbit ahead
the other side of the sun
right is left and I favour the right now

so I’m looking for a second mirror
to make it all better again
hoping to avoid that infinity thing
left is right is left is right is
all too much for me

so I stare and stare
and normalise what I see
a man in a mirror
looking back at me

I suppose I could have been paranoid, thinking that whatever I wrote would reveal something hidden of me, but every act of creation does that. 
There will be more poems from these prompts later.

I was listening to Murray Head recently. Here's a recent version of his big hit.

Until next time.

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