Friday, 17 April 2020


Thanks to the wonders of modern technology [Zoom] I was able to chat with the Secret Poets this week. It was a tonic to talk poetry for a couple of hours. 
With their help I was able to revise a number of poems including the one from the last post.

Walking in Crystal Palace

unexpectedly an iguanodon

take in its botched anatomy
how it sadly sheds its concrete skin

nothing that ever lived looked like this
truly it is a terrible lizard

Hopefully it is clear. There was some discussion as to whether people would know that there are Victorian dinosaur sculptures in the park. I am trusting the erudition of my audience.
The other change is the layout which allows the poem to breathe.

This is a new poem, hopefully self-explanatory.

Torquay 27.3.20.

I watch the empty bus
the last one of the night
indicate then turn left
the driver lost in his own thoughts

in the daylight hours I never see
more one passenger per bus
but as the sun falls
who would want to be Harbourside
in that cold wind
in this empty town

The photographs are all from Deal Fun Fair a number of years ago.

I've been listening to Graham Nash a lot recently. I think it started because I'd read Pete Doggert's book about CSNY.
Here's This Path Tonight.

Until next time.

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