Friday, 2 April 2021



I feel I must explain what a milk token is to begin with.

In the past [up to the 1970s] diaries would issue milk tokens, special coins that were the equivalent of a pint of milk. As a child, as I remember, we would leave milk tokens out for the milk man and he would leave the requisite number of bottles. 

Milk tokens are a spin off the token economy that was in operation from the 1700's onwards.

it seemed natural enough

to pop a milk token

into the gas meter and

turn the dial to get the gas

round and green

concentric circles on one side

the size of a shilling

and I suppose the same weight

as it made the gas flow

that’s it 

no more

just a stray

Saturday morning memory

floating to the surface

fifty plus years later

The poem is what it says, a memory.

Perhaps it is the fact we have been locked down for so long that I am trawling my memories for subject matter? It's a modest little poem. But it works.

I leave you with live music from Annabelle Chvostek recorded just as Montevideo was about to go into lockdown last year. Her new album is out, it is superb, and you can buy it here

Until next time.

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