Friday, 23 July 2021



A rewrite this post with many thanks to the Secret Poets for their help. I cannot stress enough the benefits of being part of a supportive collective of poets. I am lucky to have been a member of such a supportive group for many years.

What's changed in the poem is that the lines are tighter, more economical. More show, less tell, which as I harp on post after post is the secret of good poetry.

the steeling

it is a lazy narrative to gift water agency

the depths did not desire that thin gold band

the sea did not take the ring of my mother

let me offer this instead

that I had decided on one final dip

as October ran towards winter

in the intense cold

blood retreated

capillaries contracted

and the ring

always a loose fit

was gone before I knew it

so that when I searched

below the relentless waves 

the view was murk and weed

my numb fingers read the rocks

sieved the sand

hunted for that familiar

the autumn tide was high and wild

and if I could have ladled it all away

spoon by spoonful I would

I waited it out

returned each day

to search the empty beach

As you can see the poem even has a title! That is good work for me. Thank you Secrets.
Here is a short piece written by Lizzie Nunnery and performed by Elinor Randle. 

Until next time.

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