Friday, 13 May 2022


I  was in Amsterdam recently, it was the result of train tickets being on hold throughout the pandemic. I went to the Van Gogh Museum and wrote this as I wandered around.

Van Gogh Museum Tourist Statistic

she has her vision

he is directed to position her on the screen

The Sunflowers on her shoulder

she is the centre piece

he presents the result

she shakes her head

two more attempts are needed

before she smiles

I continue to watch as

twenty other people photograph

the painting in their turn

all vying for the best shot

then I snake through the crowds

to catch glimpses of paintings

no one wanted to buy

when the artist was alive

Please do not think I am critical of the couple, I am not, I was just fascinated by their vision. I don't tend to take photographs of paintings because my efforts are no where near as good as the real thing. 

Amsterdam was fun, it is a very beautiful city. I was taken with the illuminated trees as you can see.

Pollyanna is just presenting her labour songs project, sadly I cannot find any videos of it, but from what I've heard it sounds boss. Here's an earlier video.

Until next time.

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