Friday, 23 September 2022


I don't listen to much classical music, just Bach and Shostakovitch's string quartets. I cannot really make sense of the classical orchestra, it just doesn't float my boat. Jazz on the other hand I adore. Horses for courses I suppose. This post's poem arrived while I was listening to a classical cd I had not played for years.


in a new house

every other weekend

I experimented with boredom

I listened to those cds

you said would improve me

but I never got that music

it was a country I could starve in

twenty odd years later

I listen to one

discover I still cannot enter

I do not care

I hear meaningless notes

evaporate in the empty air

I think it works. It is a sonnet, though a pretty free one. Watch this space. 

Here's the wonderful Duke Ellington Orchestra. The featured soloist is Johnny Hodges- what a sound!

Until next time.

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