Friday, 20 January 2023


This weekend is Chinese New Year. I was in Liverpool last week and the photographs in this post are from there. The poem is revised thanks to the Secret Poets and their skill. You can read the original here.

How to Weave a Rope of Water

after being slung into the air

there is a second

when the mop bucket's contents

seem to just hang in the air

if only you were quick enough

you could weave the water

into a circle or an infinite figure of eight

but then there is the belly flop


on to the crazy paving

every time this happens

the molecules sigh

dreaming of their lives as clouds

when defying gravity is effortless

As you can see, much has changed. New title, revised lines and I hope a more succinct poem. It always helps to discuss your work with sympathetic friends.

The Mountain goats have a new album out, you can buy it here. This is We Walked In The Cold Air.

Until next time.

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