Friday 10 March 2023


This week saw a new low in this country's fortune. The government wants to lock up those arriving in this country seeking asylum for 28 days without legal redress. We should hang our heads in shame.

Here is a revised poem, you can read the original here.


his right hand wields the power

motor chunters monotone

features hard set

mouth a thin line

watch the leaf blower manhandle every leaf

chucking them all out on to the street

at the bottom of our ocean atmosphere

see him blow up a storm

sending them back where they came from

King Canute it is said by some

illustrated his powerlessness

as he sat on that throne on the beach

unable to turn back the waves

there was a negative spin put on that one

back when all the maps were half pink

and here I am watching a rerun

I've added a couple of stanzas and included a reference to King Canute. I suspect he was far wiser than this collection of poltroons who are misgoverning the country.

Here is Alea Diane.

Until next time.

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