Friday 24 March 2023


Once again I have to thank the Secret Poets for their vision and support. We had a productive meeting last Friday and with their help I revised today's poem. You can read the earlier version here.


I hear of two so search for the third

as death always comes in threes

this is a hard and fast law

my mother steered our family by such stars

bad things can happen any time

tea leaves held clues

she could interrogate for omens

but none were as accurate as

Co-Op Indian Prince Assam

she never held with teabags

until she was old

and the cataracts had clouded her eyes

until the Co-Op shut

all three shops in the town

one after another just like that

The last line has gone and the spacing has been changed which I feel allows the poem to breathe. Thank you Secrets. 

Here's Mariana Dalot's new single.

Until next time.

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