Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hello, you may wonder why I am dressed as a carrot. I’d like to say that it is a long story then tell you some amusingly convoluted tale, but the reason is very simple. I was helping out my wife who is part of a team that have developed an app to help people to learn English. It’s called Word Carrot (hence the suit) and is available from I-Tunes.

As part of their marketing campaign they needed someone to wear said carrot suit at a conference in Glasgow and I got the gig. What I want to share is people’s reaction to me in the suit. Most were curious and friendly, my mission, that I had chosen to accept, was to offer quiz forms for winning an Easter egg and tell people about the app. Many wanted their picture taking with a talking carrot. It was a pleasure to talk to them.

Some, however, were incredulous that a grown man would wear a carrot suit and others commented that I must be being paid a great deal (I wasn’t, I did it for free). I was surprised by this small section of people and it made me realise that all of us are not the big show off that I am. I thought the idea of walking about dressed as a carrot was funny, and that it would be a hoot. It was.

Have you ever done something that received mixed reactions? I’d really like to hear if you have. There was one song running through my head when I was a carrot, it was the Beach Boys singing Vegetables (it’s on the Smiley Smile lp and was part of the abandoned Smile project that recently was released). Here is a youtube link where you can listen to the song ( I love it, happy listening.

I’ll leave you this week with two questions: to echo Mr. Wilson, what is the name of your favourite vegetable? And do you know any other songs about vegetables?

Have a good week.


  1. Hi Paul - Your photo made me laugh out loud - thank you!! Was it custom made? how about wearing that down at the allotment, and see what reaction you get there!
    As you know I most definitely fall in category of disliking dressing up/fancy dress myself - shyness, lack of confidence I don't know - but it's great to see people like you really getting into it. Will think about the mixed reaction question...
    As for favourite vegetable - would have to be broad beans :) Songs ? will ponder that one too.

  2. Stargazer: Yes broad beans-lovely. They will be here soon too! I could not wear it at the allotment as I may be mistaken for a real carrot by the rabbits that raid everyone's plots. I think if you dress up you can hide behind the costume.

  3. That must have been fun!

    My favorite vegetable is broccoli. Can't think of any songs, though.

  4. It w3as great fun, though a rather long day. Broccoli eh? I do like it myself. At the moment on the allottment we have masses of purple spurting broccoli, you know that spring is here once the psb starts sprouting.

  5. Yaay . ..I now see you in a completely different light ( an orange one). Well done you!! Fave veg.....rocket...preferably grown by me!!

    1. Orange the colour of the sacral chakra-rocket- nice but not aspargus