Saturday 15 December 2012


This is the cover of Freeze Frame, the poetry anthology that I am in. What do you think of the cover? I like it myself, it is original idea and I think it stands out. The kind of cover that would appeal to me. You can read an interview with the artist here.

I have to say Oscar Sparrow has done a great job of coordinating and holding us to a deadline. I think that it must have been like herding cats trying to pull the six of us together, and he did it with such charm. Well done Oscar.

There is a Facebookpage for Freeze Frame and you will find information about the launch date and links to audio and video readings by the talented poets who feature in the anthology.

I had some trouble with my phone yesterday, I have no idea what happened but I could not access some photographs I’d taken earlier in the week in Widnes. I turned it off and back on again today and that seemed to do the trick suddenly the phone went from having no mail to bulging with messages.

What I liked about this photo was that it was taken on one of those rare, cold, still days, when the hot air from the power station cooling towers just rises upwards and hangs like cloth in the sky. I could not get a picture of the power station but I don’t think that matters. The smoke sculpture is impressive by itself.

 The next day I was in Manchester to see the Peter Blake exhibition, which is well worth a look if you can get there. I was taken by the stillness of the water, it’s no wonder that the Celts thought that pools were a gateway to another world.

The following sequence is of the approach to the New Bridge (it opened in 1961 folks, I remember standing by the side of the road with a little union flag waving a Princess Alexandra passed on her way to the opening ceremony).

The bridge always resonates with me I don’t know why, possibly it’s because I remember it being built; two curing arcs that met over the Mersey. It’s just such an impressive space.

No poems today, but there will be next week. Have a good one.


  1. Love the bridge pictures especially! And I think the cover art is awesome!

    1. Thanks Cherie, the bridge is amazing. When I was younger I think I took it for granted. It was not until I moved away that i realised how wonderful a structure it is.

  2. I loved the Widnes Bridge poem from Blessed By Magpies. I guess this is another bridge? I like the vapour statues in the cold air too. The juke box art is really cool. There are just so many talented folk out there - where do they all come from?