Friday, 22 November 2013


I guess you know this is a fear of poetry. I suspect if you read this blog on anything like a regular basis you are not afflicted by such a fear.

A number of poems about the moon today. I have had the first line of this one knocking around my head for some time. 

6am searchlight moon
illuminates the rooftops
early morning yawn
spark the car to more life than me
drive into the dawn

the atmospheric lens of night
magnifies the rising red moon
nearer – further
we play motorway tag
until the street lights drown the stars

I think it is a work in progress, what do you think?

This next one is a companion piece and wrote itself quite quickly.

washed out white disc
already worn away
shaving of soap
in the basin of the stars

I thought of distilling it onto a haiku but I rather like the way it sits on the page.

The last poem is rather different, a little sombre and definitely not complete. I feel that it needs to go somewhere. There is time for it to fully form itself.

we are in trouble
but there will be no rescue
we only have each other
so throw away the ideology
twentieth century thinking won’t save us
the problem is nearer than the next election
deeper than the budget deficit
we cannot go on like this

There is a fine line between describing a situation and hectoring people. 

I am going to leave you with some music. This is Pentangle live. 


  1. Pentangle. Now there's a blast from my past. Agree about 2nd poem. I like the two 'w's and the ''shaving of soap in the basin of the stars'' ...the two ''thes'' give it a rhythm.But hey, I'm not a poet.

  2. I think you have the soul of a poet- thank you.
    Yes, Pentangle-what a good band they were. never saw them though-did you?