Friday 1 November 2013


Yesterday I attended a poetry workshop ran by Philip Gross. It was organised as part of the PlymouthLiterature Festival. I have to say I enjoyed the afternoon and the way Philip ran the session.

As part of the workshop we looked at Wallace Stevens 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. Philip then invited us to write our own series of poems about anything we wanted to.

We then shared it with another person and we were asked to contribute a poem to each other’s sequence. I was working with a talented poet from Cornwall Helen Jagger. 


I am told it can slow light
-especially if the pane is dirty.
This jigsaw
cannot be
once the ball
has kissed it.
Hard enough to protect your eyes
so you can get the job done,
free from the fear of flying swarf. 
Safety Tip
if you have built your house
from this material
do not throw a single stone
Heckles white light
Until it sees red
Through to violet
Our lives are too brief to see it flow

Net curtains work well
But do not
Put on the light
Craft Idea 1

wrap those coloured fragments
that are lying around the place in lead
to mosaic that hole in your wall
Scousers called their cleaners Sinbad,
as they never cleaned the corners,
Having learned their trade on portholes. 
Helen offered:
Are you honest?
Is what you show me
What really is there?
You are fickle:
Tell lies in changing rooms,
Bitter truths at home.

Have you guessed yet? I was writing about glass.

Tomorrow sees the launch of Juncture 25’s first anthology. The event opens the Taunton Literature Festival. Perhaps I’ll see you there?

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