Friday, 27 December 2013


Just one revised poem this week. It’s one I’ve been chipping at for some time-about a year. I take comfort in the fact that Robert Lowell continually revised his work.

If I am honest I must say that on two separate occasions I thought that this poem was complete. That’s the joy of revisiting your work you can see it with new eyes.

stolen car boogie

kate said after she got out of that car she hugged the wall laughing with hysteric relief
why didn’t i get out couldn’t i see they had stolen that car?


in those days i didn’t drive so paid no heed to the crashed gears or that jumping car at the green light go

i knew they were bullshitting just thought them as stoned as we were so i stayed got driven to town saw all that jazz
had to catch a bus back home cause no one gave rides out of Plymouth

to be truthful i’d had weirder lifts

It is a straightforward autobiographical account of a Sunday evening when I was a student and the lift and friend and I hitched into town from where we lived.

The accompanying photos I have taken today on a trip to Glastonbury. You can see that the levels are already filling with water. 

The talented BrookeSharkey is recording a new ep and you can order your copy in advance here


  1. As always brilliant. I like this one. It feels like a slice of time. I would love to have an e-copy of 'The Jowler' to review. Thanks.

  2. Glad you like the poem-how do I email you the book?

  3. My email is