Friday, 7 November 2014


A couple of small poems this post. 

save for the red tail light of a vehicle
an unmeasurable distance in front
the rain has washed all colour from his world
he had to run to the car in the downpour
his hair is now the tincture of the spray
and his shirt a flood damaged watercolour
sky and motorway merged some time ago
this journey will not end
he navigates eternity

I took the idea from something my wife said as we drove in the rain. I am not sure it is complete
Here is the watch.
And here is the poem.

my analogue watch
much repaired
made in russia
by chance
this once
mirrors the digital time projected on to the wall
it will not last
gears and entropy
will for it and for me

It probably fits into the sequence I have been writing for the past couple of years about returning to my old university. 

Here is Anna Terheim and Calexico

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