Friday 24 April 2015


A revised poem. You can read the last draft here.
I must thank the Secret Poets and Juncture 25 for their valuable insights and constructive feedback. 

Another Poem For Christine

Last night you found your way home,
despite the intervening twenty years,
and the fact I've moved more than once.

Of course it was a dream,
the corridors conspired and turned in to walls
and kept us apart, though I walked for miles,
until I awoke with this poem in my head.

Then there was a choice,
stay in bed or write it down.
I chose, in the grey dawn,
to sit in this comfortable room
and write you another poem.
There are a number of changes, most noticeably the line breaks. Layout can really affect a poem and it is always worthwhile playing about with how it looks on the page. 
As you can see from this work in progress layout changes how the reader approaches the poem.

the thick, warm night reverberates with the echo of the music, I carry an amp to their car, they have a hundred and fifty mile return journey, the house concert is now a party, fat, splat raindrops impact on the road as we walk back to your home, bringing the promise of a cooler night

Not sure it is half way there yet. I feel the it is a poem of two halves that may never meet. Watch this space.
Here is some music from a long time ago, back when videos were thought to be cool.

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