Friday 7 August 2015


A simple poem to start with this post.

3am Thought

mirrors litter the wet square
I look at my feet
realise each shallow puddle holds a cosmos
I must navigate a path
that does not ripple a single looking glass
for I shall not be the destroyer of worlds this night
This second poem has been rewritten many times. This draft has a different focus to what I had initially imagined the topic would be. 

I see her once in a while
each time we have changed

this relationship
a spit
of sand
times oceans
one day
none of this
will be here
but today
I spy
a path

Does it work for you? I think its vagueness is a strength. Not sure about the layout. I think I need to let it be for a while.
Here's the new Beirut single. Their last lp was superb. I have great hopes for the new one, not sure about the concept behind the video though...

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