Friday 28 August 2015


More from the Marjons workshop. 
The above document is an application form for the College of St. Marks in the 1880's. I used this and another person's form as the basis of the third workshop task.
The idea that came to me developed from thinking about the form and how small the spaces were for the applicant to reply. The man in question obviously had a full time: born in America; moved to England; trained and worked as a cobbler; joined two different strands of Christianity; a very interesting life.

The Word had reached in, kissed his heart,
sloughed off all sin, remade him in grace.
He saw the only possible course,
souls to save through education, transmutation,
he will bring this light to others.

He cannot write all this Good News down in the space provided.
What do you think?
Needs a little revision possibly open out the moment of revelation. But the idea works.
I am afraid I cannot work out how to transfer the last archive image, a clipping from a local Plymouth paper in 1969. It has a photograph of the first intake of student teachers in Plymouth, this is prior to the then College of St Mark and St John moving there from London. Its a long story but the then college moved to Plymouth in 1973 but had run a satellite B.Ed. in the city. The women posed by a photographer interested me.


I suspect a low news week,
examine this faked photographic opportunity,
a pretend weaving class.
Wooden poses of what the photographer thinks education looks like

The headlines tells a truth but fails to add
that the men will be paid more
and have better jobs from the start.
This news clipping is an echo from a war that is still being fought.

The difference in pay between men and women was worse in 1969 and shamefully it has not been eradicated today. It seems incredible in the twenty first century that one's biological gender can affect one's earning capacity. But perhaps that is a discussion for another time.
Here's the magnificent Annabelle Chvostek singing Peter Tosh's Equal Rights.

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