Friday 30 October 2015


I have been travelling this week, seeing family in the north of England. 
This week's poem was written in Leeds and arose out of a conversation I had with my brother as we drove across the city. Have you ever returned to a place you once knew reasonably well but have not visited for some time and found a confusing new road system? 

you have to stay away to appreciate the changes

Night driving across Leeds.
We pass through memories,
more tangible than the houses that stood
where this road now runs.
We talk people, dates last seen, deaths,
divorces, real lives lived, messy,
beautiful, and every stop between.
I watch my reflection
as if it were a character in someone else's film.
Convinced in that instant of other realities,
check by jowl to this one,
then realise that I must inhabit some of them,
as do all these people we discuss,
the missing, the messed up,
who succeed in those other places.
The darkness that fringes the amber street lights
hints at this truth.
This poem is not finished. 
The last two lines need to be laid out properly and some of the enjambment [line endings] need work.
This is Brooke Sharkey singing Come Be Me. What a wonderful voice and those lyrics!


  1. Lovely poem usual. It really captures the messiness of life. I actually really like the last two lines even though it's not finished.

  2. Thanks Msmariah, always good to hear from you.
    Yes, the last two line [or one line I'm not sure] works, as I say I think the structure needs playing with. I'm going to leave it for a couple of week before I look at it again.
    There is something but...