Friday, 11 May 2018


I haven't got much to say about this post's poem save I began it at the start of this academic year and only managed to complete it last week. 
I had been thinking how when we are new to a job, house, city, everything looks new to us. We do not yet have the connections, the history of the place.

Of course the room had been sanitised:
floor swept; windows washed;
shelves dusted; desk polished bright.
It's all so shiny and new
to the man who,
one day each week
sits behind it.
Which just leaves the dust in my head,
the taste in my mouth
and the sequence of unoccupied spaces
that litter the university.
The new broom has swept so clean
that the students don't know what they have lost.

I am going through something of a Katherine Williams phase at the moment. here is Monday Morning.
Until next time.

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